Keys to understanding physiologic questions:

1.Remember basic and key words of physiology as many as possible, such as cells, muscle, heart, neuron, endocrine, reflex, etc.

2.Get adaptation to the accent of you teacher or the recording and then you will understand the meaning of an unfamiliar pronunciation.

3.Concentrate on the nouns in a long question and then you get >80% chance to understand the meaning of that question.

4.Pay attention to differentiating some consonants, such as b-v-w, g-j-z, and catch syllables indicated with vowels, particularly when they are combined with “R” sound.

5.Look at the eyes of your teacher and make sure that you are paying attention to her/his questioning.

6.If you would not get the question at the first instance, you should ask for a repeat by saying, "beg your pardon", "sorry, I missed your point", "would you please question me in another sentence" and so on. Then you will avoid to lose scores because of failing to catch the question.

7.Certainly, basal English skills and abundant Physiologic knowledge are the foundation for you to get high scores, which should be keeping in your mind all the time. 


Chapter 9 Functions of the Nervous System-Review question I



Keys to Passing the Oral Exam of Physiologic course

It is the time of Final Exam again, and many students concern how to deal with Oral Exam in Physiology. Here we provide several keys to helping you to pass the exam.