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Previous study showed that dorsomedial prefrontal cortex (dmPFC) is involved in cost-effectiveness decision making and chronic social dominance. Authors used a dominance tube test to prove that the dmPFC implicates in the chronic regulation of social dominance, and to demonstrate that mediodorsal thalamus (DMT) lying in the upstream regulates the neural circuits of dmPFC. Some pieces of evidence showed that winning history information is stored in synapses at mediodorsal thalamic input - dmPFC pathway. This neural circuit also underlies the formation of the dominance drive in many species and many social contests.



1) Is dmPFC controlled by the ispilateral DMT, contra lateral side or by both sides?

2) Why do the authors only inject the ochief virus into right side?

3) DmPFC can receive signals from many nuclei, why was only DMT researched?

4) Are there nuclei controlling activities of the DMT?

5) How does DMT finally affect behavior? What intermedial steps will be involved in?

6) Do DMT and competitive motivation have direct connection?

7) How does DMT excite or inhibit dmPFC neurons under physiological condition?

8) What is the difference between stimulating the dmPFC by direct use of optical genetic means to increase ranking and stimulating the nerve terminals of DMT?

9) What are the specific mechanisms in which high-frequency stimulation resulted in LTP and low-frequency stimulation resulted in LTD?

10) We know that 100 Hz or 5 Hz light stimulation can cause the changes of animal behavior, but what is the scope and extent of this frequency responsible for?



2017-12- 01 Literature Analysis

Zhou T, Zhu H, Fan Z, Wang F, Chen Y, Liang H, Yang Z, Zhang L, Lin L, Zhan Y, Wang Z, Hu H. History of winning remodels thalamo-PFC circuit to reinforce social dominance. Science. 2017 Jul 14;357(6347):162-168. doi: 10.1126/science.aak9726. PubMed PMID: 28706064. Presented by Runsheng Jiao; Edited by Xiaoran Wang.

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